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Seven days spent with the Shipibo-Conibo tribe

Brand New Life is awaiting Brand New You.

Our host will be the Shipibo tribe that resides in the Ucayali/Pucallpa region – view the map

In the Amazon Reinforest , the community is regarded as the masters of Ayahuasca. Despite the lack of money, their lives are filled with values that are incomparably much more valuable. Those values are life in harmony with the nature, conscious life focused on here and now.

It is worth knowing that the Shipibo shamans are one of the greatest practitioners, who know flora and fauna as no one else. They have the knowledge and inseparable intangible connection with the most valued entity.

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Throughout the journey, apart from unique  indigenous  healing ceremonies, you will be introduced to our self-healing techniques, which incorporate the work with your own voice and body as well as the music of nature and natural instruments. You will sing and dance with the wind, fire, rain, sun, moon, with the heat and the cold. The hum of insects, the birds’ chirping and the sounds of animals – all of those will accompany you in your quest to make a connection with the nature that is pulsating with life so that in turn you could feel its beat in your own heart. New life awaits the new you.

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One of the challenges for western minds is to become acquainted with the connection/relation between the Shipibo patterns and music. The Shipibo people “see” healing songs or sing them simultaneously being able to look at them. They also paint such patterns while listening to songs and music. The Shipibo know that both physical and psychological (mental) health and its state depends on the balance of the mind spirit body connection. If an imbalance is created as a result of emotions, such as jealousy/envy, hatred, anger, it causes a negative influence on an individual’s health. A shaman will restore the balance by singing Icaros – the patterns of geometric harmony that will manifest itself through the sounds in a human body. Our bodies are energy condensed to a slow vibration that reflects the sound harmony of the Universe. Every ailment distorts the balance, which can be restored by singing a specific Icaros.

The key element of that energy dialogue reflected in the Shipibo patterns is the work or Curandero or Muraya (Shipibo) with Ayahuasca. In deep Ayahuasca-induced trance, the shaman sees geometric patterns of bright energy. Those threads float to the shaman’s larynx, where they form themselves into a song or an Icaro. Icaro is the medium of the energy of creation and its patterns, which penetrate the body of the Ceremony participant and balance out the body, mind and spirit.


The Temple is located in Pucallpa – the Shipibo-Conibo people’s land of origin. It is an entirely different place when being compared to the commercial parts of Peru. It is a refuge from Gringos and contemporary civilization. During that time, you have the opportunity to meet and get acquainted with the most important person in your life – YOURSELF.

The Temple has been blessed with 5 Curanderos, among whom you can find two grandmother with over 20-year experience each!

We prepare and cook our own medicine!! Every participant is invited to participate in the preparation of the ceremonial medicine from the very beginning!

During the retreat, you will have a unique opportunity to observe the creation of handmade art. You will see how the traditional tribal embroidery is made and experience day-to-day life of the Shipibo people. The retreat center is brand new, and the money is donated to the Shipibo community as well as to the cultivation of medicinal plants.

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A week in the village of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe

1 1st day of the retreat we will spend resting after the long journey. Then, we will have time to meet and consult our counselors and healers.

2 2nd day will bring the first Ayahuasca ceremony – only one of the shamans (Maestro) will drink the infusion in order to meet your spirit and purge your energy. That will help the shaman to prepare treatment plan and plant infusions customized to your individual healing needs. Also, it will be the detox time before the beginning of plant diet.

3-5 3rd – 5th day – the following three ceremonies will take place with a one-day break between each one of them to integrate the experience. Our meals will be prepared according to the traditional Shipibo diet and served in a circle-shaped dining area.

In your free time, you will have a chance to participate in lessons conducted in the Shipibo school as well as in the workshops devoted to tribal trademark embroidery and handcraft, which have protective and therapeutic characteristics.

Throughout the retreat, four ceremonies will be held (including the one when only Maestro drinks). The Temple grandmother will accompany us at all times taking various forms.

Ceremonies and Workshops

- 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies with Curanderos of the Shipibo tribe

- Shamanic healing flower and herb baths

- Sweat lodge ceremony

- Plant therapy and therapeutic message sessions

- Individual consultation meeting with shamans

Until the retreat:

Our Shipibo – Conbo councelors and healers

Discover Your True Self

through a wonderful journey to the heart of the Amazon Rainforest!