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We invite you to join us on the journey of a lifetime,
– to the native Peruvians’ land of origin!

It is said that if you are meant to be in Peru, you will get there one way or another. Perhaps it is your time and you feel that the nature is calling your name along with the magic of the civilization, which preserved the memory of the ancestors and the indigenous shamanic rituals. It may be that you are currently on the path to self-discovery – the path on which you encounter the ancestors’ call, their strength and power that have been forgotten in the cacophony and chaos of the contemporary civilization.

We experience incredibly strong calling to unify the ancient with the modern, the ancestors with the following generations, ourselves, our children and those who will go further and beyond. We feel the strong need to connect with the Mother Earth and the Heavenly Father, with the Universe. We crave the old to be purged of that which is unnecessary, and to embrace the heritage of the knowledge and our power to create a new world, a new (human) being, a new universe.

All diets and ceremonies are incredibly important experience. However, their celebration with the elderly of the native tribe is beyond being unique. Imagine the kind touch of Pachamama’s palm filled with sounds, color and the entire wisdom of the ancestors.

It is a live manifestation of an ancient tradition that moves to the core with its toothless smile and authentic natural beauty.

journey within yourself accompanied by the work with the sacred plants of Shipibo tribe in Amazonia and the program in the magical Andes.


cleanse that constitutes of retreat with Ayahuasca in the new retreat center in Pucallpa.


7 days in the Andes min. strefy archeologiczne (???), filled with the ceremonies of San Pedro Cactus (otherwise known as Huachuma), Pachamama and Mama Cocha.


of workshops devoted to the work with body, meditation, vibrations, sound and breath.

The Vibration of Love is a powerful force – the power of life, the love of life in which every vibration is essential to achieve balance.

Throughout the journey, apart from unique  indigenous  healing ceremonies, you will be introduced to our self-healing techniques, which incorporate the work with your own voice and body as well as the music of nature and natural instruments. You will sing and dance with the wind, fire, rain, sun, moon, with the heat and the cold. The hum of insects, the birds’ chirping and the sounds of animals – all of those will accompany you in your quest to make a connection with the nature that is pulsating with life so that in turn you could feel its beat in your own heart. New life awaits the new you.

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1st week

One week spent in the village of Shipibo-Conibo tribe

Our host will be the Shipibo tribe that resides in the Ucayali/Pucallpa region. In the Amazon Reinforest , the community is regarded as the masters of Ayahuasca.

Despite the lack of money, their lives are filled with values that are incomparably much more valuable. Those values are life in harmony with the nature, conscious life focused on here and now. It is worth knowing that the Shipibo shamans are one of the greatest practitioners, who know flora and fauna as no one else.

They have the knowledge and inseparable intangible connection with the most valued entity.

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2nd week

Spiritual journey in the Andes

After the 1st week, in the following seven days, we will set off for the mountains to visit the ley lines. There, other ceremonies will connect us with the Mother Earth, the energy of the mountains and with the healing powers of fire, they will open our hearts to love and the miracle of life.

Tapping into the energy of lay lines through the indigenous ceremonies will complete the healing process. Numerous attractions, exploring incredible sights await us along with immersing ourselves in the indigenous culture, craftwork and the Peruvian traditions and customs.

Guided meditation and the closing ceremony will help us to remain in that particular vibration for very long as well as teach us how to (re)awake that energy in our day-to day life.

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Additional information:

Asia and Alek will be the guides and retreat counselor.

Throughout the retreat, we will be using work on multiple levels to heal and open our hearts.

Program of the workshop:

Healing sounds of the vibrational music, natural movement and work with body, meditation and breathing techniques, vibrational singing, the sound of natural instruments, artistic workshops. Sitting in a circle.

Detailed information on the abovementioned workshops and ceremonies may be found in „Workshops and Ceremonies”tab on our web page.

Polish citizens travelling to Peru for tourism purposes are not obliged to be visa holders. The period of passport validity is not specified, however it is advised for it to be at least valid for the following 6 months at the time of the trip to Peru. A specified amount of money is not required for the time of the retreat. In case of intercontinental flights, there are no additional airport charges (as they are included in the price of the plane ticket). As far as domestic flights are concerned, some airports charge about 6 USD as airport fee.

Vaccinations are not formally required. Hepatitis A is a common virus in Peru. The danger of contracting a tropical disease at the coast and in the mountains is minor. During the trip to higher grounds of Peru, such as Cuzco (elevation: 3,399 m / 11,152 ft) or Lake Titicaca (surface elevation: 3,812 m / 12,507 ft), some travellers experience symptoms of altitude sickness  (soroche) such as: headaches, abdominal pain, insomnia or even nausea. They usually stop after 24 hours, although individuals with  circulatory diseases are advised to consult a doctor before making the decision of heading up into the Andes. A well-known method of treating the effect of soroche is following a proper diet (easy-to-digest meals without any meat, milk or alcohol) a day before and in the first days of stay in the high-mountain area. It is also advisable to avoid physically straining activities.

Retreat package price

7-day Ayahuasca retreat + 7- day stay in the Andes
2650 USD

The retreat package includes:

Complete seven-day retreat with Ayahuasca in the new retreat center in Pucallpa that includes:
- Accommodation and 3 healthy meals a day
- 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies with curanderos of the Shipibo tribe
- Shamanic flower and herb baths
- Sweat lodge ceremonies
- Plant therapy and therapeutic message sessions
- Individual consultation meeting with shamans

7-day stay in the Andes that includes:
- Accommodation at a 3-star hotel including breakfast and lunch
- Free entrance to all archeological sites
- Polish-speaking tourist guide
- San Pedro ceremony
- Pachamama ceremony conducted by the shaman
- Cochamama and Fire ceremony

Workhops conducted and supervised by Asia and Alek throughout the entire retreat:
- Vibrational healing sessions with the use of music and singing
- Spontaneous movement and work with your body, artistic workshops
- Meditation, breathwork and meeting/sitting in a circle

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We will travel with Holistika Travel - the travel agency that is in the registry of Tour Operators and AXA Insurance and Wibracja Miłości.

30% advance payment ensures a retreat reservation.

Holistika Travel reserves the right to cancel or postpone the retreat if a minimum number of participants is not achieved.

The price offer has been calculated for a group of 14 participants.

* the price of flight depends on the availability and the date of booking.

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